Team Reebok at CrossFit Malmö – Reecap!

17 Maj

We are now all back from the visit with CrossFit Malmö this weekend.

The trip back from Malmö was approximately 6 hours, and during that time we tried to recap what had happened during the weekend, and what was the best part of the weekend?  With 6 hours to let our thoughts run free, and a bunch of memories fresh in the memory bank, this really should’nt be all that hard, or should it?  We discussed if it was the fact that so many people had come to share the experience at CrossFit Malmö, that had made the weekend such a success, or was it the fantastic atmosphere that was so tangible that it was as if you could reach out and touch it?  Was it the tremendous hospitality we were met with at the door to the box?  Was it the barbaric Danes from Butchers Lab and their fighting spirit, that made the weekend?  Was it Jess who has developed his own Scandinavian language?

There were many reasons why this was a magical weekend, but the reasons were so many that it is impossible to point to one common denominator – so I decided to share a few.

Fighting faces:
Everyone who participated in the team challenge on Saturday fought with a tenacity and intensity that was truly impressive!  If someone was not actively involved in executing the WoD at hand they were cheering their teammates to new heroic efforts.

I have had the pleasure of visiting a lot of CrossFit boxes all over the world and it is easy to get spoiled with the fantastic hospitality you find in CrossFit boxes all over the world, and take it for granted.  Still the warmth and sincere devotion to making everyone who was at CrossFit Malmö this weekend was spectacular.  The best part about it was that no one even thought about it, it was second nature!  Just another reason why this weekend was over the top!

The challenge:
What a great challenge it was!  When great programming is fed to motivated athletes, in the right environment – magic is just a breath away!  That is exactly what happened this weekend!  Fantastic effort by every single solitary participant in the challenge!

The X factor:
There are some things you just cannot prepare yourself for!  They are those experiences when you have had the chance to influence someone else in their efforts to overcome different obstacles or challenges – without even knowing it!  This weekend there were a couple of those experiences.  One participant got the chance to meet a person whose blog this participant has followed religiously the last year.  The both suffer from the same condition that influences every single second of their active lives, and the participant had found comfort, and inspiration in this persons blog.  These two met in person this weekend!  Just take a second and imagine how this encounter went!  It was magic!
This was just one of those moments, and there were more…… many more!

This weekend had the x factor in every way imaginable, and it is all due to the fact that a group of people committed to becoming better athletes, and sharing a common belief in how to get there, got to meet in a great box!

A huge thanks from our team for making this possible – to everyone involved in this weekend at CrossFit Malmö:)



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