Lite information om SM

8 Sep

Nu har det kommit mer info om SM, när man ska infinna sig, schema samt lite annat. Idag är det bara 37 dagar kvar! Kommer bli galet kul!

CrossFit SM this year will span two days. The important times to remember are posted below. The briefing regarding rules and exercises for the athletes before each event are to be held in the athletes area. It is extremely important that you are on time! All athletes must register 1,5h before the start of your first event on saturday. If you compete in the individual event, you can register as late as 0830. By doing this we hope to avoid having all athletes come at the same time in the morning.

On Sunday all remaining athletes (qualified individuals, all masters and all teams) are to register between 0730-0830.

At the registration you will provide your name and get a T-shirt.

More competition details regarding starting lists, allowed equipment and additional rules will be posted after the event registration deadline.

Spectators are welcome when the regular registration opens.

Day 1 Saturday (all athletes compete this day)
0700 Registration opens
0830 Opening Ceremony
0845 Masters Event 1 – Latest registration at 0715
0915 Team Event 1 – Latest Registration at 0745
1000 Individual Event 1 – Latest Registration at 0830
1815 Wrap up and info for sunday
1830 End of day 1

Day 2 Sunday (qualified individuals, all masters and all teams)
0730 Registration for all remaining athletes
0830 Presentation of day 2
1740 Price ceremony
1800 SM 2011 ends


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