Posting your scores from the Open!

24 Feb

If you have found your way to this blogg you have probably drunk the coolaid and love CrossFit to death. This also means that you know for a fact that the Open series have begun, and there is a good chance you can recite the top 10 athletes on the leaderboard!  What that all adds up to is that we share a common passion, and that you will be able to relate to what I have to say about the scores from the open, and when athletes post them??

I have had the pleassure of talking to several athletes who have already done the 12.1 WoD, but for some odd reason I cant seem to find their score on the scoreboard?  It turns out that this is not because I need glasses or  that they have entered the open seriens under a different name than the one I know them by.  It turns out that they have not entered the score yet?  They are going to wait until the last possible moment to enter the score, so that noone can use their score as a motivator and a meassuring stick for their own performance!

At first I completely understood the reasoning that had lead these athletes to this conclusion, but after giving it some more thought I have to say that I think it is a pretty undesirable attitude – and if you will just give me a second I’ll tell you why!

An attitude like that tells me two things about an athlete.

First of all they did not give their all!  If you honestly truly give it your all, you dont have to worry how others do, because you have put it all on the line, and given your all.  Even if others do better there is no way you could do better at the moment! If you give your all, you will be proud of your score regardless of how well it was in relation to other athletes performances!

Secondly they have missed the entire comcept of community!  I dont know how many times I have heard people tell me that the reason they do CrossFit is because of the comunity!  Well if you love the community then you will not mind contributing to the community by being an inspiration to others??  Now the athlete goes, but what if they make it to the Games and I dont because of this? Do you know how many people make it to the Games of the thousands who enter into the Open series?  In the end only 1 athlete wins, and unless you are that person you will just have made an ass of yourself and neglected the community part of CrossFit for the pursuit of fame and glory, and that tells me all I have to know about you!

This Guy has never forgotten the true spirit of the Games, or CrossFit!

At the end of the day you have to look yourself in the mirror and be happy with the person looking back at you, and if your placement in the Open series, Regionals or the Games is enough to withhold your results until the last possible moment, and whatever other bright idea you may have come up with – then best of luck to you!  All I can do then is accept that we look at this beast from different places!

I wish all of you fantastic athleteas the best of luck in the Open series, and I hope the competition is fierce and hard fought, but lets not forget what it is we are doing here, and that loosing your heart in the process should never be an option:-)

Much love

4 svar to “Posting your scores from the Open!”

  1. Michael Kruse februari 25, 2012 den 8:56 f m #

    So true!

  2. Daner februari 25, 2012 den 11:56 f m #

    I know that I can do better, but I posted the results from my first attempt anyway. Respect to everybody who dares to participate no matter what their ability level or injury status. For most of us our biggest competitor is inside our own heads, so it shouldn’t really matter what anybody else does. Post your results and cheer everybody on! The only way to lose is to not participate!

  3. Martin Altemark februari 25, 2012 den 7:33 e m #

    Haha, jag postade redan i Torsdags morse och se vad som hände – ALLA slog mig! Antagligen bara för att dom använde mig som motivator. Nä, nästa vecka så mörkar jag som dom andra så att jag också får vinna CrossFit Games! 🙂

    • Team Reebok februari 26, 2012 den 6:59 e m #

      ha ha ha!

      Martin, du skal veta att du slog mig med råge… jag tror det är den atletiska förmågan som avgör sånt, inte när man råkar posta! Jag har dock en i princip obefintlig atletisk förmåga och blir därför slagen jämt!



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