What are you eating?

11 Mar


People have been asking me how my diet is, how much I eat and what I eat. Here comes a little something for you.

This is basically what I eat.


I always start my day with a good breakfast and 1-2 cups of coffee.

My breakfast is usually 4-5 eggs, 2-3 bacon slices, one glass orange juice and omega 3 fish oil (From Pure Pharma).

If I skip the bacon, which I sometime do, I eat some nuts or just some peanutbutter instead.

Sometimes when I´m really hungry, I eat some fruit on the side.


I always try to eat a lot at lunchtime, because that is going to be the fuel for my training later that day.

It can be everything, but I always think about having it a combination of protein, carbs and fat. Paleo style!

Sometimes when I´m going to have a really long and hard training I try to put some extra carbs in my meal.  That is sometimes not 100% Paleo and that is why I say I eat Paleo friendly!

After training I usually have a protein shake and the protein I´m eating now is from Progenex.


Same here, my dinner is combined with protein, carbs and fat. I usually cook my own dinner and that is everything like fish, pork, chicken and beef. I eat a lot of sweet potato and all kinds of vegetables.

I usually start feeling hungry two hours after my dinner and then I have something like the Icelandic dry fish, fruits, nuts or vegetables to eat.

Protein I eat: Fish, chicken, beef, pork and eggs. I also use protein powder.

Carbs I eat: All kinds of vegetables, especially carrots, sweat potato and salad.

Fat I eat: Omega 3 fish oil from Pure Pharma, avocado, nuts, peanut-butter, bacon, animal fat, coconut oil, olive oil, butter, diary products (not so much though).

My treat

My treat meals are very important to me. I love cookies, cakes and candy! Who doesn’t? I treat myself with those kind of “food” 1-2 times a week J

Have a great day,



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