13 Mar

Hi there,

As for right now, I´m placed nr 29 at the Open.

I have been thinking about what is going to come in the next two wods, 12.4 and 12.5 and there are many possibilities.

We have not seen any deadlifts, HSPU, pull-ups, double unders, muscle ups or cleans. I´m pretty sure that next wod is going to be with three or more exercises and I´m guessing:

10min AMRAP

Deadlift- HSPU- Pull-ups and Double Unders.

I´m still focusing on training hard for Regionals and following my program. Here is the training I did on Monday.


2 Snatch balance 80kg- 2 back squat jump 80kg- 2 air squat jumps

20sek later

3 no kipping muscle ups

20sek later

4 explosive bench press 60kg

Rest 2 min, and I do 4 rounds of this.


On time, 5 rounds off:

10 Thrusters 45kg

12 K2E

10 Swings 32kg

200m running

12 pull-ups

My time 14:41


Ett svar to “”

  1. lurpen mars 20, 2012 den 10:18 f m #

    18:30 Whit 24kg on the swings.


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