Training with Hannes

8 Apr

Me and Hannes Heins are now training together  for Regionals. We met once a week and we do something crazy!

We met at Nordic at 12.00 today and I was the lucky one who did the training program today. 🙂


This is what we did:

Strength- Overhead squat, 1-1-1 90%


*Bar complex (75kg bar, 1 Clean- 1 Front squat- 1 Jerk- 1 Back squat- 1 Overhead squat)

For time, 5 rounds of:

1 Bar complex*

2x 8m Bear crawl

4x 8m Sandbag carry (15kg)

6x 8m Farmers walk (2x 32kg kettlebells)

5 Muscle ups

200m running


Númi 15:50

Hannes 17:36





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