Competing in a team at Regionals

1 Maj

This is the first time I write something on the Team-Reebok blog 🙂 I’ve been so busy writing my MA Thesis but I finally turned it in last Friday! Luckily my writing has not affected my training that much and I have been able to train 5-6 days a week almost the whole time. It has been important for me to train with my writings and overall studying, but I feel my training really keeps me focused and sane. But enough of that ….

I will compete at Regionals the 25th-27th of May in a team, Team Crossfit Nordic. And I’m proud to say that our team is a mixture of Swedes and Icelanders, an excellent mixture I think 🙂  We’ve been training together the last weeks and I like it a lot. It feels really good to have the support and encouragement from your other teammates. It’s a bit strange to know all the metcons five weeks before the competition and therefore to only focus on special exercises, but at the same time it’s awesome to see how everyone’s getting better every week in their exercises.

I’ve been focusing especially on my snatches and muscle ups. I definitely feel more secure in my snatches now and even though my muscle-ups are still “struggle-ups” I can at least do them 😉 This is what I did yesterday:


In every 30 seconds for 5 minutes:

1X Snatch (47,5kg)


After that I did a short metcon:

1 round off:

3 X 30 seconds deadlift hold (60kg) & 2 Muscle-ups

3 X 30 seconds chin over bar & 12 Wall ball shots (6kg)

1 X 20 Box jumps (60 cm)

1 X Muscle-ups


Forgot to look at my time  … was so happy to be able to do the last MU!




3 svar to “Competing in a team at Regionals”

  1. Ellinor Rehnström maj 1, 2012 den 6:56 e m #

    Good job Elin. I like your nickname for MU, That you call them struggle ups because thats how it feels for me to!
    Hope I see you soon!

  2. jakobina maj 1, 2012 den 9:46 e m #

    Vel gert!
    Sammála með MU! ”StruggleUp” á líka vel við mig 😉

  3. Elin maj 2, 2012 den 6:55 f m #

    The nickname actually comes from Rickard Walén, so I can’t take the credit for it 😉 But I’m sure these struggle-ups will become muscle-ups very soon for us all!

    Guess I will see you on Friday Ellinor 🙂


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