Eurosport Crossfit avsnitt # 5

15 Maj

Eurosports avsnitt nummer fem om  ”the box”. Denna gången är det fokus på Stockholm och Moskva.

De intervjuar bland annat Crossfit Nordic medlemmen, Thomas Mellgren, träningsansvarig på Nordic Rickard Walén och en av Crossfit Solids ägare Karl Dyall.

Igår besökte Eurosport Stockholm igen så håll ögonen öppna på kommande avsnitt av ”the box”.

Om avsnitt # 5

This week The Box will travel to Stockholm in Sweden where Rickard Walen the Head Coach has set up a CrossFit Box directly in the city center. We’ll meet one member, Thomas Mellgren, 34, who discovered CrossFit 2 years ago after quitting his office job to open a flower shop with his wife which is only few meters from the Box where he CrossFits.

We will also hear the story Karl Dyall, a of professional dancer, whose carreer was saved by CrossFit after he had suffered from a serious hip and leg injury in 2005.

After Sweden, The Box will stop in Moscow, Russia. The Russian Head Coach, Eugeny Bodachev, will demonstrate his ”Russian special”: a WOD organized outside, in the middle of a park in the city center.
We will meet one member Julia Sedova, 25. After starting CrossFit 1 year ago she has fallen in love with the Sport of Fitness so much and decided to quit her day job as a financial planner to become a fulltime CrossFit coach and is in the process of setting up a new Box in Moscow, which should open in June.



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