South Africa

13 Jun

When Jenny and I went to Greece and visited the Reebok CrossFit box in Athens we made a little introduction of the box!

We both thought it was hillarious (even if the rest of the world may not have thought so) and so we decided to try to do the same with every other box we have the chance to visit!

So a few weeks ago we got to go to Johannesburg, South Africa to work at a L1 seminar.

This gave us a chance to meet some fantastic people and provide you with a short tour of the box the seminar was held at, CrossFit Jozi! Below you will find the film and a short tour of a fantastic lunch restaurant that our host Imtiaz took us to.

If you ever make it to Johannesburg please do make a point of stopping by the box, it is fantastic and the welcome we got was amazing – thank you!

Pictures from the weekend!

2 svar to “South Africa”

  1. Mads juni 14, 2012 den 6:28 f m #

    Beside the fact that we met some truly amazing people in South Africa – I also ate the best meat I have ever had while we were there! I will try to find the pictures asap:-)

  2. Lollo juni 14, 2012 den 6:51 e m #

    Vad härligt! Jag vill också dit!


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