Scaling with Ryan Gosling

20 Jun

After the European Regionals I’ve only been doing ”Dagens Pass” in CrossFit Nordic. ”Dagens Pass” in CFN is usually a combination of one strength or technique exercise along with one metcon. Training with the people at Nordic is so much more fun than training on your own!! I love it 🙂  But know when I finally feel full of energy I’m ready to start training heavy and hard again for the Reebok CrossFit Fitness Championship Nordic 2012. (I actually had to google the name of the competition … how are people suppose to remember this name!! hahaha)

However, the WODs at CrossFit Nordic are never easy (I don’t think that a WOD can ever be easy) and yesterday I decided to scale my hang cleans from 50kg down to 45kg. I have some issues with cleans and they are without a doubt one of my weaknesses. I personally think there is no shame in scaling. It is so much better to focus on the technique and do the exercise right than to struggle through a whole WOD probably causing  some injuries on the way! Eventually you will get stronger and then it’s better to have developed the right technique. I felt good doing my 45kg hang cleans yesterday and I will probably take 50kg next time 🙂

This is what we did:

Strength: Hängfrivändning (hang cleans) 3 3 3 3 3 3

Metcon: På tid 5 varv

5 Hängfrivändning (65/50 kg)

20 sek Jägarvila (squat position)

7 pull-ups

45 DU’s

My time= ca 9 minutes

I ran into this one …. who would not want to scale with Ryan Gosling!




6 svar to “Scaling with Ryan Gosling”

  1. Bruno juni 20, 2012 den 12:27 e m #

    Hahaha, I could live with some scaling with Kate Beckinsale : )

  2. Mads juni 20, 2012 den 12:42 e m #

    Brilliant post! Scaling WoDs to maintain intensity is heavily underrated, you got it all right!

    The road to Intensity is Mechanics, then consistency and then intensity, forgetting this will only make the road to strength and increased work capacity longer!


  3. jakobina juni 20, 2012 den 3:15 e m #

    Flott grein hjá þér og ég er þér hjartanlega sammála með skölunina!
    I would scale with Ryan Gosling! 😉

    • Richard juni 25, 2012 den 6:59 e m #

      But of course you would Jakobina : )

  4. Númi juni 20, 2012 den 5:59 e m #

    Hummm … Should I laugh or cray?? 🙂

    • Mads juni 20, 2012 den 10:57 e m #

      I think you should laugh until you drop;-)


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