8 days to the Games

5 Jul

I think I can say with a big smile on my face that I’m in the best shape of my life 🙂
Now the Games can begin! The hardest thing of this all is the waiting, not the training. I just want this to start so I can stop thinking so much about it.









4 svar to “8 days to the Games”

  1. Mads juli 6, 2012 den 7:38 f m #

    Du kommer göra hur bra som helst ifrån dig, och jag lovar att göra allt jag kan på plats för att stödja dig:-)

  2. Richard juli 6, 2012 den 8:17 f m #

    Interesting how I lived in Kristineberg for 6 years and didn´t swim once while you have lived there for a couple of weeks and are already in the water. Nice huh!? ; )

  3. Elin juli 8, 2012 den 1:16 e m #

    We love the water Richard and Kristineberg! We owe you a big time for fixing this for us!!! 🙂

    • Richard augusti 16, 2012 den 11:49 f m #

      It was my pleasure helping you out. That´s what friends are for.


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