Training with CF Nordic girls

26 Jul

Yesterday I trained with some amazing girls from my CrossFit Nordic box. We are all going to compete at the Reebok CrossFit Fitness Championship Nordic in September so until then we are going to train together once a week. We did the metcon outside in the good weather but before that we went over some muscle-up and rope climbing technique. That went well and one of the girls, the other Elin, managed to do 5 mu in a row! Her new PB 🙂

The metcon we did is to complicated to write down here, but we worked in pairs and the exercise was a 16 min amrap that consisted in utfallssteg with 20 kg sandbags, handgående, medicine ball cleans, and skottskärra. Cool metcon!




2 svar to “Training with CF Nordic girls”

  1. Ellinor juli 26, 2012 den 12:51 e m #

    Åh vad kul det låter! Jag ser fram emot onsdag! Kram

  2. Team Reebok juli 27, 2012 den 6:47 f m #

    Jag med 🙂 Kram på dig


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