Saturday Training at CF Nordic

28 Okt

I just love training on Saturdays!

Yesterday I trained with Rakel, Jane, Mikaela & Karin at CrossFit Nordic and it was a long training! We began going through a little technique in snatch. Then we did 3×3 ”hang high snatch” and 3×3 ”snatch balance (without a jump)”. In the beginning it was really hard doing the snatch balance without using a little jump and I lost the 40 kg bar on my neck once (really have to learn how to jump from the bar when I loose it) but I think we all got more secure after doing it a couple of times. I recommend this exercise if you don’t feel to much secure going under the bar! You don’t have to use heavy weights in the beginning but this exercise will definitely help you in your snatches 🙂

After the hang high snatch and the snatch balance  we did a ”on the minute exercise” that consisted in: 1 deadlift shrug, 1 power snatch and 1 snatch (90%) for 6 minutes. I took 40 kg and it felt good.

After the strength we did a CRAZY metcon, the same metcon as Jenny did on Friday (made by Mads). However we only did it 3 times instead of 5 like Jenny.

5 varv med 5 min vila mellan varven x 3

2 Squat snatch


6 Box jumps

8 svingar 24 kg

I’m not sure exactly how long this metcon took me, but it took a while! I took 40 kg in the snatches but the snatches and the kettlebells swings were without a doubt the hardest. A really fun and long metcon …. Thank you Mads 🙂

Me, Rakel, Jane, Mikaela & Karin

And thank you girls for a super fun Saturday training!




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