Do you believe in supplements?

6 Nov

Humm.. That´s a good question.

I know that many athletes are taking some kind of supplements with their training and I am one of them. You can probably do it with out it but I just think it is hard to be eating all the time and it is not that easy to find a good food everywhere. I just need the calories and by taking one protein shake between meals is much easier for me then be eating all the time. I do also take Creatine, Glutamine, Amino, Omega 3, D- Vitamin and Magnesium and of course Protein.

Im taking Omega 3, D-Vitamin and Magnesium from PurePharma, clean and really good products!

The rest is from Fitnessguru. They have everything I need and are Swedish and also have really good stuff!

So if you are training hard and want to get better, then these products help me to recover and get stronger, so maybe it can help you too!






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