Early amrappi’n

7 Nov

At 5:45 my Iphone woke me up this morning, it was time to go to Reebok Crossfit Nordic to get todays workout done.

In many peoples mind just getting out of bed at 5:45 is nothing but pure pain. And ”going to the box to get the workout done” is not even in their vocabulary at that time of day……or night.

When having two small kids at home this early hour is no longer a problem for me. Well, if I had the choice I would definately sleep longer but hey, you shouldn’t sleep through life, you’d miss a lot of fun.

Anyway, I got up and did what I had to do, then went to Nordic.

I wasn’t expecting any company from my team mates but to my surprise Christian showed up to brighten up my wod.

Christian is a never ending source of pure happiness and it’s a privilege being his friend. He can make the hardest workout easy just by being present.

The wod:

I did three 5 minute amrap’s with 5 minutes of rest between them.

Amrap 1: 5 Power Snatch and 5 Overhead Squats

Amrap 2: 150 m rowing and 10 Shoulder to overhead

Amrap 3: 10 pushups and 5/5 front racked lunges

(The bar weighed 50 kg’s in every amrap.)

It was a good workout.


Me and Christian. How can you not love the guy.

/ Richard

Ett svar to “Early amrappi’n”

  1. Ellinor Rehnström november 8, 2012 den 5:22 e m #

    Jag måste säga att jag är väldigt imponerade över er. Att ni orkar träna så tidigt på morgonen!
    Väldigt bra inlägg, bra skrivet Richard!


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