SVDA- Svettis Dagarna!

11 Nov


This weekend Me, Jenny,Mads & Numi were at Kista mässan. Friskis & Svettis had two days for all their instructors. Where they could try differnt kind of workouts. We had two differnt events.

The first one was called.
Skills and drills
Here they got the chance to learn Hand stand push up and kipping pull-up. And also try Dubbelunders.

The second one was called.
So U Think U can Squat!
They didnt get to squat at all. The mening of this was to learn them how to teach difficult excercises to others.

The weekend was awsome! We have met so many happy people which seems curios about Crossfit!

Today we also had some spare time. So of course we took the opportunity to work out.

We did
6 rounds of

6 clean and Jerk 70/50kg
20 Dubbelunders .

After that metcon Numi did à new PR In clean and Jerk. The film is here on the blogg!!!





2 svar to “SVDA- Svettis Dagarna!”

  1. Roberto Parada november 12, 2012 den 8:43 f m #

    Thank you for coming to inspire us during our event days, now I’ll really take time to try out our local Crossfit gym. Best thing is when training is both fun and challenging.

    /Roberto, gym instructor F&S Kalmar

    • Mads november 12, 2012 den 4:29 e m #


      It was our pleassure to get to be a part of SVDA and we hope to be able to come back next year?
      Please do go to your local box in Kalmar – Crossfit Kalmar is an amazing box, with fantastic instructors, and a great community! I think you will find it delivers everything you could ever want from a CrossFit box:-)




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