Bar muscle ups

15 Nov

Bar muscle ups was on my programming yesterday!

My ring muscle ups feels pretty good for the moment, but last time when I tried bar muscle ups, I could not do them?!

My workout for today was:

5 min amrap of:

8 wall balls 6 kg

4 shuttle runs

2 bar muscle ups

Did 5 rounds + wb + shuttle runs

Yes! Today, my Bar muscle ups felt awesome!!

rest 3 min

5 min amrap of:

8 Front squats 40 kg

20 DU

8 swings 24 kg

Did 3 rounds + Front squats + DU

rest 3 min

5 min amrap of:

4 deadifts 50 kg

4 hang power cleans

4 Shoulder to overhead

Did 5 rounds + deadlifts + HPC + 1 STO

This was more then a year ago. Mads doing bar muscle ups =)


Ett svar to “Bar muscle ups”

  1. hanna melin november 18, 2012 den 11:02 f m #

    vilken fin bild på dig jenny!


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