Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

27 Dec

Mads and our son Rasmus just got back from Denmark, Odense. We spent the christmas with Mads´s family, and it has been fantastic.
A lot of food, candy and familytime =)

We didn´t want to go to a CrossFit box this time, but I decided to workout at Mads´s parents house.

I did a workout on sunday and that was:
Amrap 5 min:
8 burpees
25 unbroken DU
6 rounds

rest 2 min

Amrap 5 min
8 push ups
20 lunges
4 rounds

rest 2 min

Amrap 10 min
8 burpees
25 unbroken DU
8 push ups
20 lunges
5 rounds

On tuesday I did:
50/50 – DU/squats
10 burpees
40/40- DU/squats
10 burpees
30/30 – DU/squats
10 burpees
20/20- DU/squats
10 burpees
10/10 – DU/squats
10 burpees

Run 2 k

Yesterday on our way home we stopped for a visit at CrossFit Helsingborg to visit our friends Jonna and Johan who has spent their christmas in Skåne, Viken.

The box was great! If you´re in Helsingborg, stop by the box!

Mads was suppose to lead the lunch class today! So he lead the workout and the rest of us did it:-)

Team wod

Tekkers – clean & jerk

Amrap 10 min
2/2 clean and jerk 40 kg
10 burpees

I teamed up with Jonna!

After the wod Mads wanted to do a workout so I decided to join him.

He did:
In 10 min – build up to a heavy power clean – 100 kg

I did:
In 10 min – build up to a heavy deadlift – 120 kg

Then on the minute for 10 min

1 Clean – 1 MU

1 Deadlift – 1 MU

After that we did flight simulator
My time was 6:55 min
Mads time was = not happy =)

Thank you Toni, Madde, Kerstin and all of you from CrossFit Helsingborg for your hospitality.

Looking forward to visit you again with the rest of Team Reebok!



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