CrossFit Open Wod 11.3 and 11.4

19 Jan

Today it was time for two wods from CrossFit Games Open 2011. We all had the same workouts on our programming, so we decided to meet up at Nordic to do them togheter.

Everybody were a bit sore from yesterdays wods, and we really needed to warm up properly, but the workouts needed to be done before 10 am, because the classes at CrossFit Nordic starts at 10 am.


So.. Quick warmup, then.. 3-2-1 GO!!

First one was:

Amrap 5 min of:

Squat clean 75/50 kg

Jerk 75/50 kg


Andreas got 30 reps – got 24 reps 2011

Jenny got 27 reps – got 23 reps 2011


Rest 10 minutes the it was time for next workout:

Amrap 10 minutes of:

60 bar facing burpees

30 OHS 55/40 kg

10 Muscle ups


Andreas got almost 1 round – 99 rep – got 92 last year I think?

Jenny got 1 round + 6 burpees –  106 reps – got 93 last year!


John and Jessika got very good scores aswell! It was very fun to do the workouts togheter!!

Richard did not do the workouts, because Andreas had something else planned for him =)


Thank you for getting up early guys to do the workouts!!

Have a nice weekend!

Jenny, Andreas and Richard


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