My nemesis

21 Jan

I was on a date this morning and I scored!!

I was a little bit nervous prior but as my wife was ok with it I managed to get myself together and performed pretty ok.

My date was Fran and as I’ve met her before I already knew she could be a pain in the butt.


21-15-9 of thrusters (42,5 kg) and pullups might sound easy for some but I knew I was going to suffer. Javad was there to help me though so I managed to please her for 5:03 and cut my prevoius time with 50 seconds. I’m happy but next time I’ll be faster I hope.

Prior to Fran I was supposed to establish a 1 rep max in Clean & Jerk. 100 kg felt easy but 105 (my prevoius pr) wasn’t even close. I did clean it but to jerk it was impossible. Bummer!

I have to be happy with today’s session though as Fran is my nemesis and I managed to do her quicker than last time.



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