Alot of OHS and Snatches – O yeah! :)

23 Jan

Since I started doing CrossFit I’ve always had problem with OHS and Snatches! Though it’s gotten better, but I still feel lika I need more and more training with both OHS and Snatch! Richard saw some of my snatches, and he said that I need to stretch more backside!

Todays workout was:

4-6 reps OHS @ 32×1 Rest 60 s
AMRAP L-Sit Rest 90 s

3 KB Snatch @20 Kg
3 One-Handed KB OHS @20 kg
Rest 60s – then change hand!

On The Minute, Every minute for 10 Min of:
2 Power Snatch
2 Pull Up

It was a good workout, and exactly what I need! Alot of OHS and alot of Snatch! I’m still kinda stiff in my right hand after a broke it, but it’s getting better and I’m slowly getting back my strength in OHS!! 😀
// Javad



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