Muscleup Swing – Javad vs Elin

25 Jan

When we were in Gothenburg I tried to do the same thing that Elin did when she was in Iceland!
But I wasn’t as good as her!

Elin PLaying around:

Javad Playing around:

As you can see, I had some trouble getting started! And wanted Mads to help me by giving me a push. Louise said that I had to do it myself and my excuse for not being able to get that swing was: ”I can’t, I’m to small”. Don’t know why I said that, but…yeah! :).

Enjoy! 😀

Ett svar to “Muscleup Swing – Javad vs Elin”

  1. Team Reebok januari 25, 2013 den 10:11 f m #

    Hahah! Väldigt bra swungat!


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