Amrap 18 min…

30 Jan


Yesterday I did a workout from Open 2012. It was the one I thought was the worst.


Amrap 18 min

15 Boxjump 50cm

12 Push press 35kg

9 Toes to bar


I hate long amraps… So i´m glad Per made me do it. I wasn´t all that excited when I did it and I had a hard time to push myself to max.


Last year the most difficult part of the amrap was the toes to bar. Yesterday I had the same feeling. The boxjumps and push presses went easy. Easier than last year but am still struggeling with to Toes to bar…


I did 18 reps better yesterday than last year. So I´m pleased. Most of all I´m glad I did it! =)


Today my calves are killing me…they are so tired and sore.


There is much talk about what kind of workouts open 2013 will be.  Many belive that they will give us the same workouts that we did last year. Of course not every workout. But maby one or two workouts will be the same. I´m hoping that is wrong. Because I hate doing the same, that is not Crossfit for me….that is not constantly varied. And if that may be the case I´m not going to like crossfit as much.

With that said

-No Amrap 7 min Burpee! ok?

See you soon!





-This is last year when me and Jenny did this workout!




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