Regionals 2012 Event 2 workout

1 Feb

Yesterday I did the same workout as Regionals 2012 Event 2!
On papers it didn’t seem that hard, because I like to do Cleans! But combine that with Rowing and Pistols,
then it gets difficult and it takes time!

The workout was:

For Time
2k Row
50 Pistols
30 Hang Clean @ 100 kg

I can say that I’ve never done Hang Cleans before with 100 kg! And it was heavier than I thought!
I did Hang Squat Cleans on the first 2 reps, until Numi said that I have the hight to do Hang Power Cleans instead.
So I started to do Hang Power Cleans and he was right, it got alot easier!

I paced myself alot on the Hang Clean, just because of the fear with my right hand (I broke it for a couple of months ago), and I actually regret it! But it doesn´t matter… The time is the same! And I can say that I didn’t manage to come under the Time Cap that was 17 minutes last year! 🙂

Overall I can say that I have muscle soreness today! But it like it! :).

Here is a summary of the workout on Regionals 2012 Event 2

Have a great day!!!! // Javad


5 svar to “Regionals 2012 Event 2 workout”

  1. Richard februari 1, 2013 den 2:56 e m #

    That´s frekkin awesome Javad, 30 HPC´s @ 100 kg is heavy!!

    • Javad februari 2, 2013 den 1:39 e m #

      Thanks Richard!!! It felt good! A new PR! 😉

  2. lurpen februari 1, 2013 den 8:33 e m #

    Grymt Javad! Riktigt kul att läsa 🙂 Må bäst & fortsätt att kriga vidare!!!

    • Javad februari 2, 2013 den 1:40 e m #

      Tack Martin!!! Det vet du! MÅste ju komma till din Nivå!! ;). Ses vi på tisdag förresten?!

      • lurpen februari 2, 2013 den 3:59 e m #

        Hahaha min nivå 😛
        Kommer du till Linköping på Tisdag? Isf vilken tid dyker du upp 🙂


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