Our First Team Training

2 Feb

Today we had our first team training in for Crossfit Opens 2013! Almost all members of Team Reebok showed up at Crossfit Nordic at 16 pm, ready for a hard workout. Our one and only Mads Jacobsen made the program for todays training that included two team metcons.

Metcon 1

40 Muscle-ups (total … the others did one of the following)
Deadlift-hold (100kg/70kg)

Metcon 2

350 M Rowing
30 OH Lunges with a bar (40kg/20kg)
40 Pull-ups
100 Box jumps (together)

We were feeling good after these first two metcons so we decided to do one extra! Jenny Jacobsen made that one for us. Yes, the Jacobsen couple is just one of a kind 😉

Metcon 3

3 Rounds
30 Wall balls
3 M Handstand walk into a wall and HSPU (max reps)
10 M Shuttle runs (max reps)

TT 1

TT 2

TT 3

I think we can all agree that our first real team training went very well. It’s my feeling that everyone is feeling inspired, motivated and ready to give it all they’ve got!!!

Team Reebok wishes you a kickass weekend 🙂



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