Taking care of your crossfit body

14 Feb

I think everyone can agree on that by training crossfit (or other sports) you are taking care of your body. All the crossfit movements are suppose to help us in our every day life and we are willing to spend a lot of time in working in our weaknesses and skill work. However, very few of us crossfitters take time in treatment or maintenance. It’s usually not until we get seriously injured that we decide to do get some treatment! I myself is a good example. My body is not balanced and my muscles are not firing correctly. I therefore use wrong muscles in some of my exercises. As a result I keep getting pain in my shoulder blades and arms. This pain increases and gets constant every time I’m under a pressure and when I’m training extremely hard.

As I will be training hard the next weeks/months I have decided to get a proper treatment to help me preventing that to happen! I will be going to my friend Gummi, who is a chiropractor and owner of Palmason Kiropraktik once a week for the next months. He will hopefully help me get my body balanced and to get my muscles firing correctly. I actually had my first appointment today and I already feel some difference. He cracked my neck that I thought was a little bit scary but it relieved a lot of stress. I will of course keep you updated on how the chiropractor treatment works for me these next months.

Your Body Machine

Train hard and take good care of your crossfit body.



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