Me and My girls!

16 Feb


Hi there!

I’ve been away for 8 days on holiday in Thailand!
O My what a good time that was. I’ve never before estimated a vacations like this!

I did’t work out that mutch because i had a sore throat. I feelt ok to rest. I Think that was good for me!

Today Me Louise and Elin did a workout together.
I love to train with these girls!

This is what we did:

5 rounds of

10-12 Frontsquats with 3 sek down. We had 40-55 kg
Rest 60 sek.
15 push press we had 40-45 kg.
Rest 60 sek.


4 rounds of

20 overhead walking lunges 20kg
Rest 30 sek
15 push Jerk we had 35-40kg

3 rounds of
1- leg deadlift 6/6
Rest 60 sek
Amrap 1 min of Situps with abmat and anchored feet.
The girls were really Quick on the situps I could not keep up with them. They did over 40+ Every time!

It was hard work!

We are also going to workout together tomorrow. Then we will do a teamwod! Looking forward to it!

And just so you know…
– Jenny we missed you!




Ett svar to “Me and My girls!”

  1. Jenny februari 16, 2013 den 7:23 e m #

    Åh vad jag skulle velat vara där med er!!! Ni är grymma tjejer! Saknar er!!


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