Competing against yourself

6 Mar

Like most of you that will be competing in the Opens this year I have been getting the question “are you ready for the opens” a lot lately. My answer is usually something like this; No …. I haven’t been able to train exactly like I would have like to so I don’t really feel I’m in the shape I would like to be in.

Yesterday I was saying this clause to my sister in the phone when my husband Númi overheard me. After the conversation he asked me about my answer and why I didn’t feel in that good shape. I told him the reasons but he didn’t really listen to my explanations. Instead he quickly said to me: Do you think you were in a better shape one year ago? And have you ever been in a better shape than the shape you are in today?

My answer to these questions is and was NO. I’m in the best shape of my life!Why compare yourself with others So where does this feeling that I’m not in that good shape come from? I think it comes from me being comparing myself too much to others. I haven’t really realized that I’m doing that but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only CrossFitter that falls into this pit, and it is really not strange at all! CrossFit is basically all about comparison. In CrossFit we are comparing ourselves to others all the time. We have benchmark workouts, we post our results on the board for everyone to see and we have PRs. We compare how we do, to see how we rank. So consciously or unconsciously we compare ourselves to others all the time, usually someone that’s better than us.

By doing that our results are never good enough even though we are improving and we often end up judging ourselves! I don’t thing comparison is bad and we should definitely use it for inspiration, but maybe we should redirect our comparison to a past and a present self and try to keep it within. We all have a different background when it comes to doing CrossFit and we have to keep that in mind.

So next time I catch myself comparing to someone else I’m going to stop for a moment and redirect my thought and ask myself a few questions. For example:

  • How far have I come since I started doing CrossFit almost three years ago?
  • Am I constantly improving (even though it only happens in small steps) … can I take heavier weights, do I have a better technique, am I faster?

I will definitely keep this in mind when competing in the Opens this year. I will look back one year from now and see how far I have come since then. I’m going to enjoy the competition as much as I can and I will of course do my very best 🙂

Nordic girls! All with their different background, different strengths and weaknesses = A variety of awesome ;)

Nordic girls! All with their different backgrounds, different strengths and weaknesses = A variety of awesome 😉

By the way … the first Open workout will be released tomorrow! The best of luck to all of you 🙂



12 svar to “Competing against yourself”

  1. Y mars 6, 2013 den 10:08 f m #

    Thank you so much!
    I also compare myself too much and are trying to focus only on me and my progression.
    You are an inspiration to me! All you Nordic Girls are.

    I wish you all the best and good luck in the Open. You are a winner no matter what. Since you are better than yesterday, stronger than yesterday :-).

  2. Mattias mars 6, 2013 den 10:10 f m #

    Riktigt bra skrivet Elin!!

  3. Richard mars 6, 2013 den 10:48 f m #

    Tack Elin, detta behövde jag höra för att polletten skulle trilla ner!!

    Du är bäst på att vara du och jag är bäst på att vara jag.

    Jag håller verkligen med om att man (jag) alltid jämför sig med andra atleter och i synnerhet dom som är bättre, starkare och snabbare. Konstigt egentligen!

  4. Ellinor mars 6, 2013 den 10:59 f m #

    Bra läsning! tack Elin för att du tar upp detta. Det är för många som jämför sig med bättre atlether, den enda jag tycker man ska jämföra sig med är sig själv. Det har jag alltid gjort och det har triggat mig att fortsätta fram. Och om det var så att man inte är i bättre form än för ett år sen. Men man är skadefri och får ändå samma glädje av att träna och tävla så är det något att vara nöjd över!!
    Imorgon smäller det och då ska jag ha kul !=)

  5. jebbe Ck mars 6, 2013 den 11:03 f m #

    Känner igen mig allt du skriver och du har så rätt Elin. Jag har lugnat ner mig och känner mig ganska trygg inför open. Jag kommer att göra mitt allra bästa och tycker att det ska bli kul!! Lycka till!!

  6. jakobina mars 6, 2013 den 11:15 f m #

    Ótrúlega flott grein Elín mín og vá hvað allir hafa gott af því að lesa sér þetta til áminningar!
    Þetta veitti mér hellings innblástur 🙂

    • Mads mars 6, 2013 den 2:54 e m #

      What she said:-)

    • Gudrun mars 6, 2013 den 4:00 e m #

      Sammala, þetta þurfti eg ad heyra og þarf ad muna 🙂

  7. Javad mars 6, 2013 den 11:23 f m #

    Riktigt bra skrivet Elin! Jämför dig mot dig själv = Bästa resultatet! Grymt skrivet och bra att du tar upp det! 🙂

  8. Sveinn Sigurðsson mars 6, 2013 den 4:13 e m #

    Mjög flott grein hjá þér 😉

  9. Janne mars 6, 2013 den 6:37 e m #

    Hi Elin – great thoughts on the overall importance of being there mentally in order for us to perform our physically best. Great article, and I think you have just inspired a lot of CrossFitters outthere to pay attention to what they tell themselves, and why it matters.

    Im a sportpsychologist and run the blog – Im always thrilled when I read about people who deal with the mental aspects, if you need any kind of advice or have questions regarding this area, dont hesitate to contact me.

    The best to you through the Open.


  10. Elin mars 16, 2013 den 8:14 f m #

    Thank you all so much for your comments. It’s good to know that writing down my thoughts can be used as an inspiration for others 🙂 I will definitely be looking at your blog Janne, I think it’s fantastic!


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