Open wod 13.1 at CrossFit 33100

12 Mar

I wasn´t very happy when I saw what the first Open wod was.. I struggled with that wod last year, and I have not been able to practice highrep snatch very much this last year.

Anywheys, it needed to be done so I did the Open wod 13.1 thursday. I was a bit scared when I started..

Like last year, my technique or my strength was not good enough.. I got 169 reps.

I went to Finland this weekend to work at a Level 1 seminar at CrossFit 33100.

I decided to do it again, but not because I thought that I was going to improve my score, but I wanted to improve technique and be more confident at high reps.

I got very good tips before the wod and that helped alot. Thank you Dafydd Dennis and Federico Biasetti =)

I improved my score with 7 reps and I got 176 reps. I paced myself more this time and  that helped.

Here´s Jason Kalipa and Neal Maddox doing 13.1




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