Getting freaked out when going for new PR’s

21 Apr

Yesterday, we in Team Reebok CrossFit Nordic had a team training where we did both Snatch and Clean ladder. The ladders went really well for most of us and we had a lot of PR’s. However, it didn’t go that well for me and I was really disappointed with myself afterwards. Going for new PR’s in Clean, Jerk and Snatch always freaks me out! I really don’t know what I’m afraid of, maybe I’m afraid of hurting myself.

For a couple of months I dropped the bar on my back when trying for a new PR in Snatch, and since then I haven’t tried taking more weight than the weight I know I can take in that movement, that is my personal best. The thing is though, that I don’t feel that me being afraid of hurting myself is the only reason for my fear. The fact that I’m trying to take more weight than I have ever taken before just makes me ridiculously nervous! And when I’m this nervous I have extreme difficulty in focusing and I often stop without even trying. THE BAR JUST FEELS TO HEAVY!!

So what to do? My husband Númi always tells me not to think to much before I lift and to “Just do it”! But it is not that simple for me and I really don’t believe there is some quick fix to my fear and nervousness. I however believe that my fear can be overcome with time and experience and hopefully I will be able to “Just do it” in the nearest future. The most important thing is not to get frustrated and to keep on training! That is what I will be doing and I will also be focusing more on heavy PR lifts in my program from now on ☺

just do it

Wishing you the best Sunday!




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