28 Apr
Running CrossFit

Who is this?

Running. Some of us hate it while others love it! How can you not love to be out in the nature with some great music in your ears running like the wind? Not to mention how good you feel, physically and mentally after it.

I like running medium long distances, but now I have finally started running again after the winter. This morning I ran ca 8 km and it felt great. The last couple of times I ran I felt so heavy and tired in my legs, but today I almost felt as light as a feather. My goal is to run at least once a week from 8-10 km and then shorter distance once a week (a warm up for my CF-training). I always feel like I really get in my best shape after I start running again in the summers.

For you that don’t like running longer distances (I’m not talking about marathon here) and even think you cannot run, my tips for you is to start slowly and to try to keep the same pace the whole time you run. DO NOT STOP, JUST GO SLOWER! Slowly you will increase your pace. This is the tip I got from my grandfather when I participated in my first running contest when I was 10 years old … it still works for me 🙂

Enjoy the last hours of your weekend!



Ett svar to “JUST RUN”

  1. jenny april 28, 2013 den 8:53 e m #

    Jakobina =)


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