Team Reebok CrossFit Nordic vs. Team Thor – Our Second Challenge

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Team Reebok CrossFit Nordic

Team Reebok CrossFit Nordic

Our team got to choose the second and last challenge in our little competition, a competition between the two Nordic teams, Team Reebok CrossFit Nordic from Sweden and Team Thor from Iceland. We chose to do the final team workout from Games 2012 🙂 In that workout all the athletes participate and do one of the following CrossFit ladies:


Girls do:

Elizabeth (21,15,9x Clean 43kg & ring dips)

Fran (21,15,9x Thrusters 30kg & pull-ups)

Isabel (30x Snatch 43kg)

Guys do:

Grace (30x Clean & Jerk 61kg)

Diane (21,15,9x Deadlift 102kg HSPU)

Karen (150x Wall Balls)


Everyone from our team did really good and we were really happy about our performance. However, we might change the line up a little if we were to do this workout again.

Thank you Team Thor from Crossfit Stöðin for the competition. We look forward to compete against you again in Denmark after 12 days!!!


Here are the videos from both Teams doing the workout: (Team CF Nordic) (Team CF Thor)


Enjoy your sunny Sunday!




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