Pictures from Regionals

2 Jun

It’s been such a long time since I ”blogged” last time! Me and Númi moved last weekend to another apartment here in Stockholm, but moving takes its toll on you. However the moving itself was actually fun this time! Almost everyone from the team and our friends from CF Nordic came and helped us carrying the boxes and furniture so it only took a couple of ours. THANK YOU again so much for the help! We will invite you to a housewarming party after the Games 😉

I will definitely try to blog more often now that we have moved ….. here are some unseen pictures from the European Regionals.

photo (10)

Erik, Andreas & Jenny … where is the rest of the team?!?

photo (22)

Getting ready!

Little mobility at the briefing

Little mobility at the briefing

photo (21)

Who doesn’t know these gentlemen’s!

photo (16)

photo (24)

Icelandic SKYR in Denmark!!

photo (19)

Strong girls! Louise, Jenny & Ellinor

photo (20)

and strong guys! Andreas, Númi, Erik

photo (23)

Anna Hulda & Jakobína from CF Reykjavík … also going to the Games 🙂

photo (18)

Nordic Girls 🙂 Camilla, Jane, Björk & Rakel

photo (17)

Erik & Louise ready for the Deadlift/Boxjump event

photo (15)

Jenny & Númi crushed their event!:)

photo (14)

Taking care of Lollo’s injury :/

photo (13)

WOW! You can still buy the T-shirts at CF Nordic for 200SEK 🙂

photo (12)

Happy at Regionals!

photo (27)

Katrínarson & Briggs (the winner of the girls individuals)

photo (9)

GOLD it is!

Hope you do something fun today.
Have the best Sunday!




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